This page offers a systematic approach for quickly learning and remembering the kanji and their components, the graphemes.

The key to quickly learning the kanji is to break the complex characters down into smaller units (graphemes). The graphemes are mostly graphically simple Kanji or historical radicals. With the 483 graphemes all 1945 joyo kanji can be constructed.

There are 26 grapheme groups which contain graphically similar forms. Each group is labeled with a letter from the alphabet. For mnemonic reasons those graphemes, which do not have a classical meaning, were assigned a meaning. So the kanji can be reconstructed as combinations of keywords.

There are two approaches to the kanji and graphemes:

  • Kanji Lookup: Find kanji and graphemes via readings or meanings.
  • Text Analysis: Find all kanji and graphemes contained in a text.

Registered users can save texts and kanji/grapheme lists permanently and do further editing and processing like merging lists or hiding/deleting kown elements. (see menu "My Kanji").

There is a flashcard module for reviewing the kanji and graphemes in texts and lists. After creating or loading a file click on the tab "Flashcards", select Form, Meaning or Reading and click the "Start" button.